2023 Insights into Environmental Monitoring

Identify opportunities to automate and digitize your environmental monitoring based on global research into current and future practices.

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Discover trends in the evolving landscape

The 2023 Condition Monitoring Report provides a global snapshot of the rapid adoption of remote environmental monitoring — how organizations drive value, current trends, and future challenges and projections. Companies embracing continuous environmental monitoring cite returns of over $1 million. 

We engaged the global research firm ThoughtLab to survey 500 scientists, engineers, and end users, providing you with:

  • Current data practices
  • Evolving environmental monitoring methods
  • Solutions to address the top challenges.



Challenges and change ahead:


Increasing pressures

67% reported increasing their scope of monitoring capabilities over the last two years as more parameters were measured.


Real-time is growing

More end user organizations recognize the benefits of real-time monitoring, yet research reveals a serious talent shortage.


Advancing digitization

Stakeholder demands, talent shortages, and remote monitoring are challenges and opportunities to navigate when going digital. 


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